We invest in sustainable environmental practices, communities, the right people and market changing technology


We are an investor in the metals, mining and commodity trading sector. We are an investment management firm, channeling capital towards lucrative mining projects. We invest in firms in the entire mining value chain, from exploration firm, to miner, supplier , producer to service providers.

Venture Capital  – We invest in new mining projects. Mining is a highly risky industry, hence most startup projects lack adequate capital. We understand this and invest in these new projects. Not only do we invest but we assist kick-start theses projects through linking them with our broad network and vast pool of expertise.

Private Equity Mining Investments –  Offering flexible terms, conditions, we are there to assist our clients grow and mitigate the risks that comes with mining projects

Debt Capital – We currently have plans to offer debt capital to clients. This is to broaden our current service offering and offer more to our clients.


Mineral Wealth Capital is a diversified mining and minerals company currently with operations in Zimbabwe with efforts to expand all over SADC and Africa. MWC mines Gold, Diamond, Chrome ore, Copper ore, lithium, manganese ore, nickel and Platinum group Metals (PGMs) and strategic investments in other commodities.

Managing our own mines we strive for operational excellence, sustainability, efficiency, safety an innovation in our operations.

Venture Capital  – We are actively looking for new mining projects and deposits to improve our current portfolio.

Corporate Finance

We provide Corporate Finance solutions to all stakeholders in the mining Value chain. We help Clients raise capital to finance their mining projects or products. From miners, suppliers, service providers our team of investment backers is capable and able to deliver on your unique financing needs.

From exploration to development, operation to closure we work with our clients closely, raising capital and mitigating risks. We specialize in the mining sector providing in depth sector insights. 

As a financial partner we ensure you have adequate resources and knowledge for your projects in both the short and long run.  

Feasibility Studies

We carry out feasibility studies on mining projects to ensure quality decision making. The feasibility study will also help to inform the financial strategy of the project, the construction and engineering of the mine, as well as the initial drilling strategy. Other studies included are Investment appraisal, economic appraisal, SWOT analysis and project risk assessment.

Technical, operational, financial and Market feasibility studies

Feasibility studies are required throughout the pre-production stage of every mining project to justify investment in the project. Usually a concept study or scoping study is followed by one or more pre-feasibility studies that reflect the increasing level of technical and economic knowledge gained at the various earlier stages. These culminate in a final feasibility study that demonstrates the economic feasibility of the project with sufficient certainty to allow a decision to develop a mine

Preliminary feasibility studies

Final detailed feasibility studies

Commodities Trading/ Brokerage

We facilitate trading of commodities by miners, importers, exporters or third-party clients.  We assist in valuation, logistics, and compliance, due diligence, trade finance, risk assessment, importing, exporting and more. 

Whether you are a miner, buyer, investor, financier or service provider involved in commodities trading, our team can help. 

Through our wide partner network and vast expertise, we can guarantee the best Price, Quality, Processes and strategies. 

Advisory and Consultancy

We provide advice and consulting regarding mining, finance and investment in mining and commodities. We come up with innovative, unique solutions that reduce costs and improve productivity efficiency and assist you attain you objectives as a project owner or investor.

We offer advise and consultancy in  finance, management, investing, strategic and technical advice to all clients. ESG advisory, financial advisory, strategic advisory, exploration advisory, operational planning, risk planning

Financial Modeling and Econometric models

We compute financial models for mining projects. We also come up with econometric models. These services assists mining projects, Resource utilization, mitigate risks, operational planning and in cost cutting.

Risk Management

We enables the mining operators to address the most burning tasks of operational risks through identifying, defining and mitigating all risks that mining operations face. We analyze the fundamental aspects of corporate culture, such as safety and equipment maintenance.

Effective risk management is critical in mining companies as mining projects are faced with a plethora of risks

Treasury Management

We assist mining clients and investors manage financial resources and commodities. Our services being centered on commodities and cash-flow they include cash & commodity management,trade finance ,funding & investment management, working capital management, commodity price risk management and capital management.

We ensure you have sufficient funds to meet its short-term and long-term obligations, minimize financing costs, and maximize return on investment.

Changing commodity prices, changing circumstances internally and externally affect the financial performance of a business all the time. We understand this and come up with strategies to mitigate this risk

Accounting and Secretarial Services

Accounting – We provide bookkeeping services to large mining companies. These include Mine Auditing, bookkeeping, stocktaking, due diligence, Valuation and more. Due to specialization our accountants are highly equipped to service your needs effectively and efficiently.

Secretarial Services – we assist mining companies; investors Comply with legislation. There is a lot of regulation I the mining industry, we assist ensure that all your operation is sound and legal. Our specialization ensures that we are familiar with mining legislation, working hard to ensure we keep up with all changes.

Research and Development

We conduct quantitative, qualitative, and economic, cross expertise, sector specific and industry research for the benefit of our clients and the industry as a whole.

We also assist clients indulge in research and development process to improve their operation.  The organization will indulge in research in the mining industry to shed more light about the industry.

Mergers and Acquisition

We facilitate Mergers and acquisition within the mining industry. whether its a vertical or horizontal merger, miner and supplier, geology firm and miner, we do the hard work to ensure that all goes well. We carry out the due diligence, research on behalf of our clients.

Structured Financial Products

We offer unique structured solutions to our clients. Our flexible packages are created with our clients in minds. Our alternative financing solutions are available to throughout the entire mining cycle from exploration, development and closure.

Public Relations and Marketing

We assist mining companies work with communities they operate in. We assist in community engagement, communicating, and planning and corporate social responsibility projects. 

We assist mining companies to contribute to the viability of the community and to be accountable to the community and all relevant stakeholders. 

Project Finance and Project Management

We finance new and existing mining projects and we assist in the management of mining projects whether large or small. Our capable staff will work hard to ensure your new or existing venture will flourish through our project management product. We leverage our existing network to add value to your project, with the aim of harnessing superior returns.

New ventures are financed through our Venture Capital subsidiary whilst existing projects are financed using our private equity branch.

Strategic planning and evaluation- New and existing projects

Our practical project management support services and toolsets coupled with our diverse dynamic qualified, experienced staff will ensure that your project or feasibility study is scoped, planned and exploited efficiently and effectively, that process controls are in place, and that critical documentation is on hand to support you in your efforts to achieve project delivery success.

Project Management and Support

Our practical project management support services and toolsets coupled with our diverse dynamic qualified, experienced staff will ensure that your project or feasibility study is scoped, planned and exploited efficiently and effectively, that process controls are in place, and that critical documentation is on hand to support you in your efforts to achieve project delivery success.

Geological and Technical services

We specialize in various commodities including coal, copper, heavy mineral deposits, iron ore, industrial minerals, diamonds, manganese, rare earth deposits, platinum, gold and tungsten all over Zimbabwe. We offer a wide variety of technical and consulting geological services to exploration companies, mining companies, investors, as well the broader mining industry.

We have in-house geologists, engineers and partner with other Geologists as well as reputable geology firms to offer you the best solutions.  


The organization through its employee’s base creates various deals intended for the benefits of all its clients. From conceptualization, deal structuring to deal execution.We perform the necessary calculations, strategizing and deal structuring to balance the risks with the rewards

We offer unique tailor made services to your custom needs

We pride ourselves in offering a wide range of services to clients ensuring efficiency, innovation

Our approach combines innovative solutions, unique products with well-developed support packages and strategic execution

    Zimbabwe is a country blessed with abundant mineral wealth. But till date the sector remains untapped, communities undeveloped and most stakeholders remain reluctant to indulge in this industry because of the myths and the high level of risk involved. As mineral wealth we hope to provide a solid foundation for investment that will deliver prosperity across Zimbabwe’s mining sector.


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