Our Vision

Enriching communities through providing Innovative Investment solutions Ensuring efficient exploration of Mineral wealth

Our Mission

Deliver Exceptional and sustainable Results to our shareholder in providing superior solutions

Objective and Strategy

Why Us

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Teams Behind Our Success

Our History

Mineral wealth is a boutique investment bank that provides unique, innovative, special solutions to companies with specific focus in the mining sector / natural resource sector. The company provides debt, equity, research, knowledge, consultancy and advisory services to clients in the mining and finance industry.

Our team and extended partner network work hard and relentlessly in providing unique innovative solutions to our clients and the mining industry. Our team comprises of professional from different backgrounds industries, cultures and companies including financial analysts, bankers, researchers, statisticians, accountants, geologists, mine engineers and more.

How we Invest

Mineral Wealth

As mineral wealth we pride ourselves in delivering reliable, innovative, unique, special solution to all our clients.  We aim to be a leading service provider and the number 1 choice for all clients. We aim to alleviate and eradicate all ills in the ecosystem. To that end we provide the following

Client Focused

We specialise in Mine Investment BankingMine ResearchMine Corporate DevelopmentMine Financial Planning and AnalysisMine TreasuryMine Management

Mine Investment banking
Mine Research
Mine Corporate Development
Mine Financial planning and analysis
Mine treasury
Mine Management

    Zimbabwe is a country blessed with abundant mineral wealth. But till date the sector remains untapped, communities undeveloped and most stakeholders remain reluctant to indulge in this industry because of the myths and the high level of risk involved. As mineral wealth we hope to provide a solid foundation for investment that will deliver prosperity across Zimbabwe’s mining sector.


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