Mineral Wealth Auctions

 Mineral Wealth auctions was created to provide fair market related valuations and sales. We specialize in bringing buyers and sellers together .MWA is a subsidiary of mineral wealth capital, a company with the mining industry at heart. 


Our vision is to create a mining auction industry for miners to buy and dispose/sell their equipment machinery efficient and effectively. We deliver a professional, transparent online and onsite service to clients located both nationally and internationally.

Our specialist auction team provides custom made solutions through live, online, onsite and webcast auctions in Zimbabwe. 

Looking to buy or sell mining equipment? contact us today to find out how we can help you. info@mineralwealthcapital.com

What we offer 

  • Live auctions 
  • Timed online Auctions 
  • Fully auditable Auction system 
  • Private Treaty sales and tender
  • Guaranteed auction sales, payment upfront, including profit share with seller. 
  • outright cash purchases of movable assets 
  • Trust accounts for client Funds
 Our Official first auction to be live on the site on (30/04/2021)- 30 April 2021. all stakeholders will be advised of all proceedings by PR. For enquiries please whatsapp +263 77 388 9040 or email info@mineralwealthcapital.com or admin@mineralwealthcapital .   

Sell / Buy with Mineral Wealth Auctions 

  1. We guarante a hassle fee proccess.
  2. We do all the hard work for you. 
  3. Extensive marketing Campaigns 
  4. We have a huge database of buyers and sellers.
  5. We attract hundreds of buyers though our auctions, other products and online presence.
  6. We provide a quick turnaround time.

    Zimbabwe is a country blessed with abundant mineral wealth. But till date the sector remains untapped, communities undeveloped and most stakeholders remain reluctant to indulge in this industry because of the myths and the high level of risk involved. As mineral wealth we hope to provide a solid foundation for investment that will deliver prosperity across Zimbabwe’s mining sector.


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